The Boston Bruins visited the Dallas Stars on Thursday night to open up another season and some would say, not much has changed. Not necessarily on the ice or with the players, more so with the comments coming from Bruins announcer, Jack Edwards.
With 12:56 left in the second period, Stars’ rugged defenceman, Roman Polak, was heading back into the corner to retrieve a puck as the Bruins’ forechecker was closing the gap, and Polak ended up catching an edge and smashing into the boards shoulder/head first.

Polak remained motionless until the medical team stretchered him off in what was a horrible incident to witness. Polak could have easily of broken his neck and his life could have been in danger. Instead of showing sympathy, or sending positive vibes while the incident transpired, Bruins announcer had this to say on air:

He has a little bit of bad hockey karma

A bit harsh it seems from Mr Jack Edwards as everyone else in the building was praying Polak wasn’t paralysed. Meanwhile, he found it to be the appropriate time to chirp Polak while he was down.

Stay classy, Jack.

ICYMI, be warned, this is brutal:

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