Cleveland Browns losers at the 2020 NFL trade deadline

The Cleveland Browns were marked as “Losers” at the NFL trade deadline for their inability to come away with a left tackle.

Count the Cleveland Browns as losers at the NFL Trade Deadline, at least in the eyes of ESPN scribe Dan Graziano.

The writer admitted how hard it is to find offensive line help, but apparently the Browns’ inability to “pry” Trent Williams or Nate solder away form their respective teams make them losers.

he Redskins’ asking price for Williams reportedly included Denzel Ward, which is absurd. Solder on the other hand, was floated to Cleveland but I never really saw or heard anything that led me to believe this was actually going to happen.

Graziano then took a shot at general manager John Dorsey for trading two 2018 draft picks ahead of the deadline, Austin Corbett and Genard Avery.

Corbett is Dorsey’s biggest swing and a miss as GM, by far. Taken 33rd overall, he could barely sniff the field as a rookie. When Cleveland was begging the Nevada product to win the starting right guard spot in camp, it became quickly clear that Corbett wasn’t the answer.

Avery, for whom the Browns received a 2021 fourth-round pick, is one of the great mysteries of the season. The organization can’t answer why a contributor from a season ago couldn’t get any playing time following Freddie Kitchens’ promotion to head coach.

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