The King Has A New Home

For the last 20 years Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have been as connected as Eddie and Alex Van Halen. A decade straight of division titles and 6 Lombardi trophies to cement an air tight legacy that three high profile cheating scandals can’t even tarnish. Now as arguably the greatest QB in NFL history goes down south at 42 years old to Tampa Bay of all places to continue his career I’m left feeling disappointed. This is the NFL equivalent of Lennon/McCartney not being able to keep The Beatles together. He’s been the face of the league the last 2 decades, MVP’s and status elavation beyond comprehension and walks away from New England having put himself in the conversation for the NFL’s greatest ever player. We’ve rarely seen athletes past 40 play at an elite level in pro sports and he has done that. In Tampa Bay with that coach and that core of wideouts if they could possibly makeshit an offensive line this offseason T.B. #12 may have one more run in that old engine of his.

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