Michael Jordan Is Always The GOAT

As we all do our best to stay occupied during this quarantine period, I find myself watching more sports talk TV than usual and listening to senseless sports debates about nothing.

The one debate that is really starting to get on my nerves is the Jordan vs. Lebron argument. As much as I respect Lebron and what he has accomplished since the moment he stepped on the floor against Sacramento those many years ago, I cannot and will not ever subscribe to the theory that he is better than Michael Jordan.

It took Michael 7 years to win a ring and even before that Tinker Hatfield’s shoe design’s and the great marketing machine at Nike had already transformed Michael into an air floating slam dunking basketball messiah. Led by an owner and GM who spared no expenses and guided on the coaching front by the greatest manager of ego’s in sports history the calm and manipulative Phil Jackson.

As soon as the 1990’a were ushered in the Chicago Bulls became the North American sports version of Led Zeppelin. Phil was Peter Grant, Michael was Jimmy Page and Scottie was John Bonham. Like Zeppelin in the 70’s they had their own plane and played to sold out arena’s across the land every night. People worshipped the ground Michael walked on.

Unfortunately for Lebron because of so much TV and social media, Pro sports figures just aren’t viewed the same way today. Michael Jordan never played in a game 7 during a championship series he closed them all out in 6 games or less in 6 finals appearances. No Gatorade campaign or Space Jam Movie could ever really put into perspective the impact Michael and his teams had on our society and culture.

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