We Need The NFL

As I sat on my couch last night and watched the 2020 NFL draft, I was flooded with all kinds of thoughts and emotions. It got me to thinking about how important professional sports is to our entertainment landscape. Aside from the Green Bay Packers trading up to get Jordan Love with the 26th pick in round one there were no real shockers on draft night. That draft last night was a much needed distraction for myself and countless others who have had their life affected by Covid-19. I hope the NFL starts on time because if it doesn’t all hell is going to break loose in the U.S., I know all safety measures have to be taken and considered but we need our football and the NFL is just entirely too important to the lives of so many that the season not starting on time would really have a negative affect on the country especially if nightclubs, Bars and other social places like Mall’s and schools are not opened by September, And that is a viable possibility. I looked at all those young guys getting their opportunity to live out their dreams last night and it just made me wonder when will we actually get to see them play. With the MLB season being on hold and the NBA suspending it’s season it just has me a little worried at where this pandemic is really going to leave us gridiron lovers who base weekends and Sunday’s around the sport that they love, American Football.

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