What set Jordon Henderson apart from other teenagers at Sunderland?

Former Sunderland midfielder David Meyler revealed the difference he saw among Jordon Henderson and other teenagers, while they were together at Sunderland. 

Jordon Henderson has come a long way from making his debut at Sunderland in 2008. Right now he is captaining the Liverpool side towards their first League title in 20 years. He has also captained England on a number of occasions. 

Furthermore, the Liverpool captain also showed leadership in initiating the  #PlayersTogether project to collect funds in the fight against coronavirus.

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Having played with Henderson at Sunderland, Meyler can point out to the things that make the 29-year-old English midfielder special. Speaking to ESPN, he said. 

We might have to report for training at 9 o’clock.

He’s in at 8, doing work in the gym. After training, he’s doing work outside, working on his passing. All that kind of stuff, he did it.

I remember when we were 18 or 19, we would play a reserve game before we broke into the first team. If we won, the whole team would go out, but Jordan wouldn’t.

Jordan’s never drank. He always had that desire, dedication, commitment to be successful. He made the sacrifices young.

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