Either take the pay cut or leave – Two option for Sunderland top performer

Sunderland goalkeeper Jon McLaughlin is in the crossroads of his career. Having joined the Black Cats in a two-year deal in 2018, he has done really well for the club.

However, as his contract expires this season, he has to decide whether to stay at the club or leave. Furthermore, things have become complicated due to the pandemic as Sunderland might not be able to offer Jon McLaughlin a good contract. The goalkeeper has also suggested that he would like to remain at the club.

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But, former footballer Kevin Phillips is of the opinion that the goalkeeper might have to take a pay cut, which could change the keeper’s transfer stance. Speaking to the Football Insider, Phillips said: 

He has done really well for Sunderland and if I am the manager there I would look to give him a new deal.

But unfortunately, he might have to take a pay cut and I do not see the player wanting to take a cut.

It is going to be tough to offer players more money than what they are on and as a player, if you sign a new deal, you either want the same or more. 

There are other clubs sniffing around him. I wonder whether he is just saying the right things to keep people off his back.

If I am the manager I would like to keep him because he will be so hard to replace if he goes because he has done some great things for them.

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