Pundit gives the reason why it is unfair to relegate West Ham using the points per game model

There are a lot of speculations regarding how the suspended Premier League season will pan out, whether the games will be played out or whether a certain model will be used to determine the table.

One of the opinion that has come into the discussion is the points per game model which uses average points for the remaining home and away fixtures. If this model is used, West Ham would find themselves in the 18th position, which would see them relegated.

However, Sky Sports pundit Gary Nevill thinks that it would be unfair to use this model to determine relegation. He told Sky Sports:

I think that if football was going to be played, it’s right for football to be played for promotion and relegation.

But I think on the points-per-game basis, to be relegated with nine games to go, with so much to play for, so tight at the bottom and with so much at stake, it doesn’t feel right to me personally.

I do think it’s unfair for points per game for relegation. It’s important I voice that. It’s devastating going down at any time, but without even having the opportunity to defend yourself and play football matches would be too much.

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