Let’s Go Joe

Joe Burrow this past NFL Draft’s #1 Overall pick is coming off of what many consider to be the greatest single season by a college football player in the history of the game. And after throwing for over 5,600 yds. and 60 TD’s anybody would have a hard time arguing for another season even though I think Barry Sanders last season at Oklahoma St. ranks right up there. From the moment all the draft hype started Joe seemed very reluctant to get behind the idea of going to the Bengals. I think he may have been influenced by former Bengal QB Carson Palmer as Joe attempted to see if he could sour Mike Brown and the Bengal’s away from the #1 pick. In my humble opinion it was a clear cut sign of the new generation and this very warped sense of entitlement. Gone are the days where a kid will just be happy he’s being drafted or going number one overall for that matter, Now we have young guys trying to use social media and tough and stern behavior as a way of dictating where they are drafted. I can surely understand why Joe would have reservations about going to Cincinnati but at the same time he should be confident enough in his own talent that no matter how down things may be with the Bengals, It can be turned around especially with some of the pieces already in place like Mixon and Green. I know it is not going to be easy but I think with a little patience and hard work that Joe Burrow is and will be the player to completely change history in Cincinnati.

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