Celtic manager outlines transfer plans and training procedures 

Celtic manager Neil Lennon speaks about the “tentative inroads” for the transfer market next season and the training procedures in the coming days.

Celtic were crowned the Scottish champions after the season was cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic. The win marks the 9 consecutive champions that they have won. 

However, there is no stopping for the Scottish champions just because the league has been cancelled and the hard word to make it 10 wins in a row is already underway. 

Speaking to Celtic TV, Lennon said:

 “I’ve just come from a two-hour meeting with the board, and Nick (Hammond) and John Kennedy.

“We’ve got another one lined-up for tomorrow, so in terms of the recruitment processes they’re all under way now.

“In terms of adding to the squad and talking with clubs it’s early days, but we’ve made tentative inroads in regard to that as well

“Just getting the players back, getting them familiar with the atmosphere, getting them familiar with the training, getting them familiar with the surroundings again is going to be important.

“But we need to be patient with that as well. We know we’ve got a June 11 start, hopefully in a week or two’s time we can start training in bigger groups.

“All that is in the process for getting ready for the first week in August.”

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Lennon has explained how training sessions will proceed.

“The players are back in next week, we’ll start doing the medical side of things on Monday and Tuesday.

“We’ll get tested on Wednesday and hopefully we can start in small groups on Thursday.

“It’ll be groups of five, so we’ll have two groups in the morning, two groups at lunchtime and two groups in the afternoon.

So we’ll get to see them all. I haven’t seen them for a while, you tend to miss them. You miss how close you are, that camaraderie, that atmosphere around the place.

“Again, there will be certain protocols. They can’t go in the building, they’ll have to do other stuff outside.

“That’s fine, we’re just delighted we can have some sort of semblance of training, and we have a target now of the first week of August.”

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