“Keep the faith” and “something positive will happen in the future” assures Sunderland’s legend on club’s recent struggles

Sunderland legend Niall Quinn aks his son and all Sunderland fans to “keep the faith” on the club and assures that they will come out of their recent struggles.

Sunderland were in the Premier League just in 2017. But they suffered back-to-back relegations to find themselves playing in the League One since 2018/19 season. They are in seventh place with 59 points after 36 games.

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Amidst the club’s struggles, Niall Quinn, who has served Sunderland as a player, chairman and manager, urged the fans and his son to “keep the faith” in the team. He said:

“Personally, my son still looks at me and says: ‘Dad, why didn’t you make me follow Arsenal or Man City? The other clubs you played for!

“The fella almost has depression at this stage. But they have a great saying in Sunderland: ‘Keep the faith’.

“It is very difficult to keep the faith right now but I still have it and I think something can come good. It is too big of a club to just be out in the shadows and I have no doubt something positive will happen in the future.”

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